The Ladies Club

Glasgow based artist Katie Shanon and London based artist Keira Fox formed The Ladies Club in winter 2021, part trauma group research project, part gothic club night; this will be the fourth incarnation.

The project came out of combined ongoing interests and crossovers in feminist filmic histories, drawing on social links between sonic sensibilities i.e tones and tastes which exist in cross generational goth pockets and specifically looking at female exploitation, rape revenge and horror genre’s as the undercurrent to their research; exploring what platforms may propogate discussion and exercise flashes of release.

Both artists have run notorious club nights within the gothic ilk in both London and Glasgow. Katie’s other collaborative projects include event series Daisies with France-lise McGurn, record label Domestic Exile since 2015 and long running club night So Low with DJ’s JD Twitch and Ribeka. Currently she is exhibiting at Kunsthalle Ost, Leipzig and previously fronted industrial band Kübler-Ross. Keira’s other projects include being one part of the London based performance duo New Noveta from 2012-to date with a recent commission for Sound of the City at Wuppertal Opera House, she also was part of the industrial noise act Maria and the Mirrors for many years. Notable solo exhibitions include Fateful for The Kunstverein Freiburg (2018) she also ran the London batcave club night Brzina from 2016-2019.

The Ladies Club residency is supported by Creative Scotland.

SODAS 2123 activities are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.