Shakeeb Abu Hamdan

Shakeeb Abu Hamdan is an artist and musician living in Beirut, Lebanon. His performances centre around the use of drums, collected metals, bells and cymbals which he augments and amplifies with surface transducers, microphones, pitch and rhythmic modulation effects, cheap looping megaphones and other lo-tech electronics.

He was actively involved in the DIY/experimental music scenes in the UK over the years, playing in various experimental rock/weird punk bands and running Ouse, a recording studio and label, the C&R collective/zine and organizing Total Inertia, an experimental music festival in Leeds.

He has recently presented an exhibition at Beirut Art Centre, performed Irtijal Festival and was a Guest Composer at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm.

His residency will culminate in a performance at Empty Brain Resort.

Curated by Sholto Dobie.
Residency organised by SODAS 2123 and Empty Brain Resort.
SODAS 2123 activities are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.