Bryndís Björnsdóttir (Dísa)

Bryndís Björnsdóttir (Dísa) is an artist, writer and researcher. She holds a BA degree in Art Theory and Literature from the University of Iceland (2008) and in Visual Arts from the Iceland University of the Arts (2011). In 2010-2016 Dísa…

Hanna Ijäs

Hanna Ijäs is a multidisciplinary artist and a performer currently based in Helsinki, Finland. In her recent work Ijäs is trying to make sense of collective needs and desires for control, manipulation and communication through performed games and texts. In…

Karolina Janulevičiūtė

Karolina Janulevičiūtė is a fashion designer and artist. In her practice she researches and exposes the human relation with garments, creating narratives that reflect collective and individual memories trapped in dressing. Her background in Fashion Design studies at Vilnius Academy…

The residency programme that started in 2021 invites artists, curators, designers, architects, researchers and other creators to become part of the SODAS 2123 community. This is a unique residency near the city centre, which provides opportunities for Lithuanian and foreign artists to live and create at the SODAS 2123 cultural complex, alongside already operating cultural organisations and local artists. With over 50 artists’ studios, rehearsing studios for bands, offices for design, film and visual arts organisations, exhibition spaces, event spaces, various workshops, a cafe, a public outdoor garden space, a public allotment, and more, SODAS 2123 provides space for a variety of cultural and art disciplines, and each resident in the complex is open to sharing, learning and craftsmanship.

The SODAS 2123 artist-in-residence spaces were arranged by the architects Ona Lozuraitytė and Petras Išora. The spaces were created with DIY aesthetics in mind, and following ecological principles. In creating a sustainable environment, the architects used left-over materials from exhibitions, and recycled various objects for a second use. There are two studio apartments: of 28 square metres, and 27 square metres.
On the residency floor there is a fully equipped kitchen, work spaces and communal spaces. Residents are welcome to use a shared studio in the Alt Lab, as well as the Atletika gallery spaces between exhibitions.

28-square-metre individual room with a kitchenette and bathroom

27-square-metre individual room with a shared kitchen and bathroom

Photo credits – Bon Alog.

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On August 18 at 18:00, a forum for the curators of community gardens took place at SODAS 2123. Participants delved into questions such as: what is a community garden? How could it become a tool for activism, interrelations, engagement and…


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