Sasha Pevak

Sasha Pevak is an independent artist and researcher at the Centre National d’Art Aplication (CNAP) in Paris, interested in Western European and post-Soviet issues. The artistic practices of Sasha Pevak, who are based in France, stem from their interest in explorations of education, reflections on their own Russian-Ukrainian-Greek origins, their cultural memory and family history. “I draw on post-colonial and queer studies and my own experience as a Western person(s) in Eastern Europe,” writes Pevak in their artistic biography.

During their month-long residency at SODAS 2123, Pevak will develop their existing curatorial research and form new ones. The current curatorial research at CNAP analyses the colonial aggression of Soviet Russia and its impact on culture. The second study is being developed by Pevak together with the research group Beyond the post-Soviet. It is being carried out specifically for the Mudam Museum in Luxembourg and deals with Soviet-Russian colonialism, forced evictions and language issues. Pevak is planning a third study with the curatorial team of the newly established experimental Montreal Biennale SPHERES. The latter will focus on the diaspora communities from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States living in Montreal.

In November, Sasha Pevak plans to meet with Lithuanian cultural workers, artists, interview artists, visit museums, galleries and cultural centres, educational institutions, archives and collect documents for the research.

Sasha Pevak residency is organized by SODAS 2123 and Lithuanian Culture Institute.

SODAS 2123 residency program supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.