Creative workshop by Rūta Spelskytė “A Fish Facing South”

The series of educational workshops of the cultural education project “Blossom v1.2” is set to conclude on October 10, 2023, with the creative workshop titled “A Fish Facing South” led by Rūta Spelskytė. The workshop will be hosted at the Entity cultural space, located at SODAS 2123.

The workshop will begin with a lesson on tying a double dragon loop. This knot will be used to fasten a magnet to the string, an essential tool for the upcoming excursion. During the walk, participants will collect ferromagnetic stones characterized by their black color, sheen, and the presence of fool’s gold dust within them. An analysis of these collected stones will involve comparing them with each other and seeking resemblances with the particles found in our brains. In addition, Rūta Spelskytė will share her personal collection of stones. These specimens were gathered from various locations, including Mount Centauri in Greece, from beneath an Icelandic glacier, in the flood-ravaged Mayo region of Ireland, within the depths of the Kiruna mine, located one kilometer beneath the Earth’s surface, and along the roadside of the village of Aleknaičiai. Throughout the workshop, the artist will be telling us what makes these stones so significant.

Rūta Spelskytė is an artist currently focusing on various navigation techniques, the geology of the human brain and the intricate forms of octahedral magnetite. Her artistic interests extend to instruments crafted and employed in both real-world and fictional narratives, as well as sensory systems, and their potential for refinement through training. The artist works in search of the nature of reality, trying to imagine how different the world really is or could be.

Workshop date: October 10, 2023, from 18:00 till 19:30.

Event location: Entity cultural space, Vitebsko st. 21 Vilnius, part of the cultural centre SODAS 2123.

Registration for the workshop:

The workshop will be held in Lithuanian.

The workshop is free to attend.

This event is part of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association project “Blossom v1.2”.

The event is organized by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, the cultural centre SODAS 2123 and the cultural space Entity.

The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.