Aušra Vismantaitė-Silva

Aušra Vismantaitė-Silva is an independent researcher, educator and curator of social and economic projects living between Lithuania and Mexico. Recently Aušra has been researching pre-colonial landscape, plant migration, different agricultural techniques, horticulture, and collective memory. She also is curating the community garden “Daržas 2123”, which is located in the territory of the cultural center SODAS 2123.

Community garden focuses on active engagement with the site and
local community through a variety of creative processes – collaborative archives, talks and participatory and community-based activities.
During the residency, Aušra will be reflecting food and agriculture as foundational expressions of life—as sociality, history, security, autonomy, community and daily routine, within the context of community garden.

SODAS 2123 residency program supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.