Kimball Holth

Kimball Holth is an Australian artist who currently lives in the Netherlands.
He is interested in the early stages of the painting process. When the artist makes work from scraps of canvas stitched into a bag, or tiles with contact microphones, chunks of plaster or wallpaper, he is choosing to not cross that threshold and to stay within this basic domain of materials and making. In this way making art becomes an act of searching for something unexpected or accidental, of staying with not-knowing and doubting and forever postponing the final object. While aiming for an overlooked domain of painting Kimball creates installations, sculptures and artworks that aim to retain a sense of promise of things to come.
During the residency in SODAS 2123 Kimball Holth will experiment with materials, objects and sounds from the local area, bringing them together in the form of an installation.

SODAS 2123 activities are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.