Karolina Janulevičiūtė

Karolina Janulevičiūtė is a fashion designer and artist. In her practice she researches and exposes the human relation with garments, creating narratives that reflect collective and individual memories trapped in dressing. Her background in Fashion Design studies at Vilnius Academy of Art, as well as Estonian Academy of Art, and her Master’s of Arts degree at Aalto University allows using acquired skills and tools to conduct research on Baltic region identity and wardrobe method, as a system for creating garments.

During her stay in SODAS 2123, the artist will work on SODAS 2123 garderobe – a set of handmade clothes for local residents and cultural complex visitors based on the activities, routines and occurring events. The SODAS 2123 garderobe is a communal wardrobe to be shared and therefore lives through the everyday continuously capturing marks of community growth.

SODAS 2123 residency program supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.