Bob Bicknell-Knight

Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK) is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and writer, working primarily in painting, sculpture, video, installation and digital media. His work is influenced by surveillance capitalism and responds to the hyper consumerism of the internet, exploring ideas surrounding the automation of work, global power structures and technocratic authoritarianism, as well as critically examining contemporary technologies.

During the residency at SODAS 2123 Bob Bicknell-Knight will work on interactive artwork, titled The Village. The Village is an interactive video game, placing viewers into an abandoned village where an unknown event has caused the inhabitants to leave long ago, allowing the surrounding wildlife to infect and transform the man-made structures left behind. The work would explore how relics and historical artefacts are perceived by future generations, alongside exploring the notion that human beings and our impact on the environment is virus-like, terra-forming and slowly obliterating the planet.

SODAS 2123 residency program supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.