Andrew Gryf Paterson

This August – October artist Andrew Gryf Paterson is artist in residence at cultural centre SODAS 2123.
Everyday kitchen practices have long cultural heritage traditions, and combined with experimental DIY and networked Do-It-With-Others, contemporary bioart and hybrid artists contribute to a long history of inspiration in relation to food, such as the Eat Art movement from the 1960s onwards.
Over the past 5 years, Paterson has been exploring the idea of ‘kitchen lab’ as a blend of home and professional experimental workspace including fermentation, dehydration, edible paper-making, cooking and composting practices in the context of contemporary maker arts.
For the residency at Sodas2123, Paterson wishes to open up a new branch of experiments with a weekly ‘deep fry club’ that connects Scottish, Finnish, Lithuanian & Baltic-Slavic cultural/culinary traditions and food science around fats and frying, with practices of archiving and memory-making. The crisp encapsulation of vegetables or other items in batter after being dropped in hot oil will hopefully tease out spoken and unspoken delicacies about heat, transformation, bodies, artefacts and the act of remembering or forgetting.
During the residency period Paterson will work towards a document of process for broadcast on Rasos radio and organize open workshops. He will also participate in the Artistic research congress at Vilnius Art Academy.
Andrew Gryf Paterson is artist-organiser, cultural producer, educator & independent researcher. Specialises in developing, leading inter & trans- disciplinary projects exploring connections between art, digital culture & science, cultural activism, ecological and sustainability movements, cultural heritage and collaborative networks.
Originally from Scotland, active in the past 18 years in Helsinki, Finland, as well as the Baltic Sea region, in particular, across the fields of media/ network/ environmental arts and activism, pursuing a participatory practice through workshops, performative events, & storytelling.
This residency is supported by Nordic Council of Ministers and is organised by Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.
Activities of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association are funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.