In the cultural complex SODAS 2123 the three-part series of contemporary music events “Colors” continue. The first performances that started in October, dedicated to performative music, were glowing in red, and in November SODAS 2123 hall will light up with blue.

The project “Colors” aims to promote contemporary music creators, support the creativity of artists by initiating and creating conditions for the emergence of new works. This is a great opportunity to meet the alternative music scene, find out its directions and formats.

Curator of the program – Benas Trakimas.

Kabloonak LIVE
Kosmetika LIVE
Matilda DJ

Trees without leaves – Kabloonak without a band. Taking a break from his buddies, Kabloonak will be performing all of his (and maybe your) favorite songs in a more acoustic, but more open way than usual.
Kabloonak’s music is a safe haven for those whose gray cells have been exhausted by the sure-footed rhythm of the modern city.

Using the magic of toy instruments and delay, the band hypnotizes with lo-fi pop psychedelic melodies.

Matilda aka Kamilė Krasauskaitė is a creator and curator who weaves fragments of everyday life, manifestations of states, metaphors and games into one musical fabric. She is a member of LTMKS, creates in SODAS 2123 studio, and is currently a resident of Radio Vilnius and Palanga Street Radio.

The event is supported by Vilnius City Municipality.

Design – Studio Cryo

SODAS 2123 assembly hall lights up with blue on November 3, 6:00 p.m.