SODAS 2123 residencies: Rethinking Celebrations and Uncertainties of the Future

On Thursday, March 28, 4 PM join us for the event “SODAS 2123 residencies: Rethinking Celebrations and Uncertainties of the Future” at SODAS 2123 event hall by the participants of SODAS 2123 residency programme Xiyao Chen and Stanislava Ovchinnikova. During the event, the artists will perform and invite the audiences to discuss their research developed during the residency.

Xiyao Chen will present a sonic meditation and collective forecasting workshop “Could dirt be displaced soil” that coincides with the Worm Moon in March and Jīngzhé (惊蛰) – a farmers’ almanac event in the traditional Chinese calendar, that signifies the awakening of hibernating insects from the soil. Straddling between fiction and fact, the performance seeks to invite magical thinking, alternative readings into meteorological events, and embodied climate feelings in anticipation of an uncertain future.

Stanislava Ovchinnikova will perform a reading of her essay “From Martinis to Molotovs: Rethinking Celebrations as Instruments of Change”. The essay challenges a common perception of festivities as solely joy-centred practices and argues that by moving beyond happiness as their defining feature, celebrations can become strengthening communal spaces for memory preservation, identity narration, and more. Drawing from preexisting approaches and innovative ideas, the essay proposes practical interventions for utilizing celebrations as liberatory instruments.

Programme of the event:
4 PM Xiyao Chen “Could dirt be displaced soil”
5 PM Stanislava Ovchinnikova “From Martinis to Molotovs: Rethinking Celebrations as Instruments of Change”

More about the artists:

Xiyao Chen (based in London) is an interdisciplinary artist, landworker and researcher. Her practice is driven in response to the imminent climate emergencies, across the expanded field of anthropology, moving images, sonic sculptures and agroecology. She is currently nurturing an embodied practice that values care over extraction, challenging eco-social injustices by focusing on more- than-human interspecies kinship and the affective turn in ecology. Her latest project traces non-extractive energy in relation to the situated soil, through sonic scores, installations, mark making and moving images. In parallel to her practice, she is currently teaching at the University of the Arts London and Royal College of Art in London.

Stanislava Ovchinnikova is an interdisciplinary artist and curator whose interests lie primarily in the area of politically engaged and trauma-based artistic practices. Her work relies on autobiographical materials and intergenerational histories, and often involves other members of affected communities at the research stage. In 2021 she developed a project «Am I Dead Yet?» that dealt with depression and its influence on the perception of human mortality. During the research stage, she interviewed 16 people on the evolution of their relationship with death. These discussions were transformed into a series of film photographs bringing to the surface the sense of erosion, desensitization, and non-feeling states. Images were later presented at Ovchinnikova’s solo exhibition “Am I Dead Yet?” at PostPlay Lab (2021, Kyiv).

The language of the event is English.
The event is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

Organizers: Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and SODAS 2123. Activities of Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association are funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture. SODAS 2123 activities are supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.