Rasų radijas: Arklio Galia, Laivo Troupe

On January 29th 8 p.m. ‘Rasu radijas’ and Kirtimai Culture Center invite you to ‘Arklio Galia’ ir ‘Laivo troupe’ concert in SODAS 2123 hall! The event will be streamed on rasuradijas.lt!
19:30 – doors
20:00 – Laivo Troupe
21:30 – Arklio Galia
Do you feel that your bioenergetic vibrations are no longer in line with the stratofluctuations of the planet earth? Is it hard to maintain balance between elements of good and evil at work, at home and in your spare time? Don’t hang your nose – there is a cure! Nothing cleanses the toxic ezosediments of everyday life better than “Arklio Galia”, the astrogastrological ensemble of rock music, which implements vedic knowledge, old nordic mythology and, of course, trendy electronics since 2006. The long guitar solos will keep your chakras open, the humorous lyrics will keep your stigmas closed and the wonderful sound engineering of Verbaitis will close all of your ulcers, if you have any.
The creative group of the group is:
Žilvinas (name means “immature tree”, zodiac – scorpio, earth snake) – bass, vocals
Tomas (name means “twin”, zodiac – , cancer, fire rabbit) – guitar, sax, vocals
Vidmantas (name means “sees wealth”, zodiac – , cancer, earth snake) – guitar, vocals
Danielius (name means “god is my judge”, zodiac – aries, wooden pig) – sax, synthesizers
Mantas (name means “wealth”, zodiac – libra, water rooster) – drums, vocals
Laivo Troupe is an ensemble of improvisational music, in which performers come from different musical traditions: jazz, classical, contemporary music, unique to each performer and the overall sound of the ensemble.The main area of ​​the ensemble’s music is free improvisation, which is combined with many other musical styles and a wide range of different repertoire: original compositions, arrangements, graphic notation, funk, noise, ambient and more. Exploring the wide world of music and experimenting with rhythms, atonal harmonies, timbres and advanced techniques, the ensemble creates an expressive and unusual form of performance, constantly challenging itself and its listeners.
IMPORTANT! Event is free of charge. Proof of vaccination and registration required to enter the event. Registration form: https://forms.gle/dmPsuH2fy2bqtXBQ7
Organiser – SODAS 2123, Kirtimai Culture Center
Partners – Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association
Curator – Gailė Griciūtė
Coordinator – Gabija Stašinskaitė
Communication – Stefanija Jokštytė ir Kotryna Briedytė
Technical implementation and web solutions – Vitalij Červiakov
This project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.