Potluck with SODAS 2123 residents

On Thursday, October 12, 7 PM we invite everybody to SODAS 2123 residency programme participants’ event Potluck with SODAS 2123 residents at Estafetė.

SODAS 2123 former resident Andrew Gryf Paterson together with current residents – Alaya Ang, Ulvi Haagensen and George Finlay Ramsay will take over Estafetė bar and kitchen space for one evening, to tell stories about their recent projects while cooking the pot of stone soup.

Paterson will provide a start for stone soup. That will likely include whatever is left in his fridge in Helsinki and during the soup making process will tell more about his current project Kitchen Lab Tarvo — George will read two new poems ‘Eating an Egg with Dad’ and ‘How the Vertical and Horizontal Fell Out’ — Cleaning is one of the many activities in a kitchen and Ulvi will be ready to wash or wipe anything that gets dirty — Alaya will be creating a performance about the weather and wonton雲吞, the swallowing of clouds and a legendary faceless being of chaos swimming in primordial soup.

More about the artists:

Everybody is welcome to join with a vegetarian ingredient for the stone soup.

Before the event, at 6 pm, a guided tour of the group exhibition “Mind readers” will take place at the gallery “Atletika” with curator Aistė Marija Stankevičiūtė. The tour will be in Lithuanian.
More information: https://fb.me/e/19TFENMYT

The activities of SODAS 2123 are supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.