On 26 and 27 July, a new community event space, the OVEN PAVILION, will be opened in the SODAS 2123 🥨🔥

The OVEN PAVILION is an interactive architectural sculpture, serving as a public space for community gatherings, education, events, and other activities.

This work is a collaboration between interdisciplinary artist Kamilė Krasauskaitė and architects Ona Lozuraitytė and Petras Išora. The structure harmoniously combines the ideas of the three creators, functionality, and the surrounding environment – integrating the oven, the architects’ pavilion around it, and the space it occupies. This project, part of the Vilnius City Municipality’s Create Vilnius (Kuriu Vilnių) programme, reflects the needs of the local communities, creating a new focal point in the city that activates and enhances public space.

The inauguration of the OVEN PAVILION will feature a diverse programme of public events curated by Krasauskaitė, extending throughout the summer and autumn. It is envisioned that the Oven Pavilion will become a unique landmark in Vilnius, bridging food culture, interdisciplinary art, and community interests. It will also offer an alternative for meaningful outdoor recreational activities and serve as a cosy hub for events and gatherings initiated by communities and cultural enthusiasts.

🥨 On 26 July, starting from 6pm, artist Andrej Polukord will assist in launching the pavilion and bake the first loaf of bread. The programme will be continued by Tauras Stalnionis and Živilė Mantrimaitė.

🥨 On 27 July, artist Robertas Narkus will invite visitors to a performative picnic.

🥨 The entire inauguration programme of the OVEN PAVILION will be complemented by sounds streamed by Radio Vilnius.

➡️ All events are free of charge and open to all visitors.

Creators of the OVEN PAVILION: by Kamilė Krasauskaitė, Ona Lozuraitytė, Petras Išora
Architects: Ona Lozuraitytė-Išorė, Petras Išora-Lozuraitis
Author of the Oven and Programme Curator: Kamilė Krasauskaitė
Oven Master: Vytautas Kazimieras Narbutas
Project Manager: Vitalija Jasaitė
Producers: Vitalija Jasaitė, Danutė Gambickaitė
Production Coordinator: Eglė Kliučinskaitė
Assisting Architect: Gabrielius Dovydėnas
Event Programme Coordinators: Neda Rimaitė, Gabrielė Voidė
Music Programme Coordinator: Benas Trakimas
Communication Coordinator: Gustė Grigaliūtė
Graphic Designer: Tauras Stalnionis
Translator and Language Editor: Alexandra Bondarev
Special thanks to: Ieva Bagdonaitė, Jurgis Paškevičius, Virginijus Šakalis, Agnė Kučerenkaitė, UAB Emadas

Organiser: Cultural Complex SODAS 2123
Sponsors: Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuanian Council for Culture,