MEDIARAMOS: Exhibition at Atletika Gallery

On 3rd of March, 6 pm, the MEDIARAMOS project exhibition "Three Decades of the Moving Image: a Retrospective of Video Collections 1996-2023" opens at Atletika gallery and FAMM space "Entity" at the cultural centre SODAS 2123 (Vitebsko 21, Vilnius). During the opening a collaborative audiovisual project by Vygandas Šimbels (Das Vegas) and Vytautas Juozėnas “RGB Poetics” will take place. Other MEDIARAMOS exhibitions are currently on view at the VAA exhibition halls "Titanikas". The MEDIARAMOS exhibition and events run until 26 March.

Spanning across several exhibition spaces, MEDIARAMOS is a retrospective media art exhibition that marks the quarter of a century anniversary of the Photography, Animation, and Media Art (PAMA) Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA). The project aims to overview a wide range of the media-based images, sounds, objects, words, and events that the PAMA Department has spawned over its twenty five years of existence. The exhibition is accompanied with the academic symposium and the series of performances, lectures, readings, hearings, creative-educational workshops, the moving image retrospectives, and artist talks.

The MEDIARAMOS retrospective is exhibited across the contemporary art galleries Atletika (Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association, LIAA) gallery and “Titanikas” (Vilnius Academy of Arts), yet it represents only a small part of the entire historical panorama. Both the physically fragile media art objects of the pre-digital era and the seemingly indestructible surfaces of the digital objects are telling stories about the nature of media, thus testifying to the incessant technological transformations that keep informing our reality. Many of the artworks are based on an institutional self-reflection on the questions of place, subjectivity, and context.

The panorama of the most recent media artworks exhibited on the Ground Floor of the “Titanikas” gallery is offering visions of the future. In this territory of uncertainty and fleeting power, the amorphic and fluidous digital bodies and their unstable surfaces are raising questions about how our lives and environments might be further impacted by the ever so dominant technological media.

Monika Kalinauskaitė’s text about the MEDIARAMOS exhibition:

Artists participating in exhibition at Atletika gallery: Ramunė Bartusevičiūtė, Dainius Gasparavičius, Rudolfas Levulis, Aurelija Maknytė, Matas Petkūnas, Inga Raubaitė, Vilma Šileikienė, Vygandas Šimbelis (Das Vegas); the authors of video artworks included in the project "Three

Decades of Moving Image: Compilations of Selected 1996–2023 Video Artworks, a Retrospective"
Project curator: Irma Stanaitytė-Bazienė

Curatorial team for exhibitions and events: Viktorija Balkutė, Dovydas Černiauskas, Natalija Lokcikaitė, Julija Kuprijaškinaitė, Irma Stanaitytė-Bazienė, Laura Stasiulytė Gudaitė
Exhibition designers: Vilius Baranauskas, Jurgis Dagelis, Akvilė Stundytė
Lighting designer: Julius Kuršis
Visual identity designer: Dovydas Černiauskas

Project organiser: VAA Department of Photography and Media Art

Exhibition dates: 04/03/2023 – 25/03/2023, III-V 16:00-19:00, VI 13:00-17:00.
Address: Vitebsko st. 21, Vilnius
Organised by Photography, Animation, and Media Art (PAMA) Department of the Vilnius Academy
of Arts in cooperation with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association.
Project supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.
LIAA activities supported by: Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality. Main
Infornation partner: 15min.

MEDIARAMOS’ events: 8–18th of March at FAMM space "Entity"
March 8–10th, 18:30 – workshop "Diagrammatic Narratives Through the Prism of the Unseen Arts"
with Tata Frenkel
March 11th, 15:00 – creative-educational bioplastics workshop with Violeta Tvorogal and Natalija
March 12–16th, 10:00–20:00 – “Sound Honeycomb”: live sound and aural therapy installation by
Andrius Rugis
March 17th, 18:00 – "Everybody Reads Propaganda!" literary readings with Valentinas
March 18th, 14:00 – lecture "Correlation Between the Image and Its' Reason" by Valentyn Odnoviun