Aistė Viršulytė exhibition “a_u_g_i_n_i_m_a_i”

It is an exhibition of several works using plants. The name refers to processes. In the works one can find connections
with (local, root) Indo-European culture. At the same time, these works come from the author’s empirical research
(experience), personal relationship with time/place/culture under study.

In 2019, the first exhibition “a_u_g_i_n_i_m_a_i” (eng. “g_r_o_w_i_n_g_s”) took place in the POKŠT gallery in Utena.
Two works were exhibited there. In Vilnius, in a small studio established in the cultural complex SODAS 2123, it is
possible to see, hear and smell its expanded version – five works are exhibited: “Unoffered” (2017), “Sound Garden”
(2011), “Kupolė (Primary Fest)” (2020), “Character of the Place” (2019), “Ivyx” (2013).

Aistė Viršulytė – interdisciplinary artist, focus of her current creative effort is shifted more towards time-based media
where she explores the areas of art and science, experimentation, process, sensory perception, sound art, mythology,
locative media, and more.

Location: SODAS 2123, Vitebsko str. 23, 4th floor, small studio no. 61.
Time: 09-23 September 2020. Open I-VII 17:00-21:00, other time +37064077007.

The exhibition is supported by: Lithuanian Council for Culture.