Alt lab is a non-disciplinary research laboratory dedicated to artistic-scientific research and implementation of interdisciplinary projects. Alt lab fills the gap between the raised awareness of environmental changes and the Anthropocene, artistic practices, scientific experiments, and daily habits around our kitchens. People in the lab share their knowledge, de-mystify scientific experiments, and sophisticated artistic mythos. We invite artists and researchers to join the lab. We seek those who are engaged in non-disciplinary activities that require access to laboratory equipment and artistic, scientific, and technological knowledge.


The lab is operated in collaboration with the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.


graphic design

printing house

publishing platform


Rufcuts studio — šiuolaikinės medžio ir metalo dirbtuvės, kuriose vyrauja DIY, pernaudojimo ir tvarios gamybos filosofija. Kolaboruodami su įvairiomis meno institucijomis, plataus spektro kūrėjais, ne pelno siekiančiomis organizacijomis bei kultūriniais judėjimais, jų įkūrėjai Andrius ir Mykolas plėtoja nestandartinius projektus, specifikuojasi meno kūrinių fabrikavime, instaliacijų įgyvendinime ir dizaino sprendimuose.


Spongé studio and lab is Vilnius based initiative that makes an effort to continue nurturing and researching the craft of analog photography and motion picture in particular. We work as an independent studio, which is able to produce small scale films, we will be able to host artists with their projects and present it for the audiece on Spongé’s platform. As a lab we focuse on expanding our knowledge and sharing it with others by educating, promoting and inviting to experiment. We work as a small collective of 5 members.

We do poses some equipment from ex Tree lab which is;
few developping tanks, Super8 (Sankyo with audio ) and 16mm (EIKI) projectors. Also we have 16mm editing table (a present from Esther Urlus from WORM lab in Rotterdam), which is now transformed into DIY contact printer.

Our lab and residency is still under reconstruction. If you would like to help and donate in exchange for infinite love, please contact us.